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Accelerating the Scaling of Reuse Systems: Policy Brief

Authors Northen, S., March, A., Bowyer, C., Fletcher S.
Year 2023
Recommended citation Northen, S., March, A., Bowyer, C., Fletcher S. (2023). Accelerating the scaling of reuse systems | Global Plastics Treaty Policy Brief. Global Plastics Policy Centre and Break Free From Plastic.
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You can find this policy brief in Chinese, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Swahili, and Arabic by visiting the output link.

In preparation for the third session of the intergovernmental negotiating committee in Nairobi in November, 2023, the Global Plastics Policy Centre team of the University of Portsmouth, together with #Break Free From Plastic unpacks the key considerations for designing reuse systems, and the critical enablers needed to ensure effective reuse policies.

This policy brief is the second of a policy brief series produced by the team at the Global Plastics Policy Centre. Focusing on select “hot topics” from the treaty negotiations, the policy briefs bring together key evidence from various data sources to shed light on each topic and aid the countries in their decision making journey.