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The development of the Global Plastics Policy Centre was funded by the Flotilla Foundation, and is delivered by Revolution Plastics at the University of Portsmouth.

About Revolution Plastics

The University of Portsmouth is committed to tackling global plastics problems through Revolution Plastics, an interdisciplinary initiative that draws together colleagues from across the University, most notably from the Centre for Blue Governance, the Institute of Marine Sciences, and the Centre for Enzyme Innovation.

At Revolution Plastics, we are creating best practices for addressing plastics pollution, both internally and externally; generating a globally-relevant community of plastics researchers and contributing to the sustainable transition of the city of Portsmouth as a prototype and showcase for a sustainable plastics future.

We see a critical space for the University as an independent, objective evidence provider at the interface of government, businesses, citizens, and researchers.

Who we are

Revolution Plastics directly employs around 15 staff based at its offices in Portsmouth, with a number of remote researchers. Research staff are divided into different projects based on their expertise and there exists a small core of finance, communications, technical and secretarial staff which provides support facilities.

There is also always further support and staffing from connected research centres within the wider university, broadening Revolution Plastic’s capacity significantly, having Research Fellows and Research Associates contribute on an ad-oc collaborative basis.

Responsibility for management of the Institute lies with the director, Professor Steve Fletcher, who works with the research team to provide intellectual leadership of the research programmes.

Independent External Advisory Council

An independent external advisory council made up of senior executives from diverse organisations and sectors, including high-level policy agencies, NGOs and both national and multinational corporations. Read more about the Advisory Council here.

The Council plays an imperative role in ensuring our research remains relevant, objective and effectively disseminated. Read more about the Council here. Similarly, much of the work by Revolution Plastics has a wide range of stakeholders who are consistently engaged with to ensure the feasibility and integrity of proposed solutions.

The Global Plastics Policy Centre core team

Steve Fletcher


I am Director of the Global Plastics Policy Centre, as well as of Revolution Plastics. I am a Professor of Ocean Policy and Economy, and Director of the Sustainability and the Environment research theme, at the University. My key research interests are in the field of ocean policy and economy include conservation, the sustainable blue economy, the deep ocean, and ocean literacy.

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Antaya March

Research Lead

I am the lead researcher of the Global Plastics Policy Centre, and a Senior Research Associate with Revolution Plastics. I have a strong background in marine resource management, the blue economy, the circular economy and marine plastics. Alongside Prof Fletcher and Dr Roberts we have been working closely with UNEP to help inform the development of a legally binding plastics treaty. I'm involved in a number of projects looking at sustainable transitions, marine resource management, nature based solutions and the social impacts of policy and governance. I also work closely with the Centre for Blue Governance.

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Laura Nieminen

Project Coordinator

I am a Project Coordinator in the Revolution Plastics research team at the University of Portsmouth. While I have a keen personal interest in high seas fisheries and illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing through my studies, my current work revolves around supporting the UNEP process on international legally binding instrument to end plastic pollution. Before that, my projects have included consumer behaviour towards single-use plastics in Portsmouth, UK, exploring the connections between the plastics life cycle and climate change, and analysing the circularity potential within plastic and waste management policy frameworks in Southeast Asian countries.

Keiron Roberts

Keiron Roberts

Senior Lecturer

I am a Senior Lecturer in sustainability and the built environment. I have a strong background in waste management and policy, recently supporting the International Resource Panel on determining policies to eliminate marine plastic litter. Through the Global Plastics Policy Centre, myself, Prof Fletcher and Ms March have been producing work for UNEP to help inform the development of a legally binding plastics treaty. Alongside my work within the Global Plastics Policy Centre and Revolution Plastics I work on multiple decarbonisation projects; ranging from developing hydrogen energy systems to mapping the global impact of COVID related plastics.

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Audrey Tsouza

Research Associate

As a research associate, I assist academic research in the Revolution plastics department. My focus is on plastic policy analysis in various regions for the Global Plastics Policy Centre and contributing to publications involving international plastics policies and strategies as part of the diverse projects. My scientific background allows me to bring a unique perspective to understanding and assessing policy contexts. I graduated with a master's degree in medical biotechnology from the University of Portsmouth in 2022.

Sam Winton

Samuel Winton

Research Associate

I am a research associate who has worked for the Revolution Plastics team since it’s creation in 2020. With a background in environmental hazards and community preparedness, my main research focus is working with communities and a broad range of stakeholders to tackle environmental challenges. I have also conducted work with international organisations with a view to creating policies to tackle the global plastics problem and manage the environment in more sustainable ways.

Tegan Evans

Research Associate

I am a PhD Student at the University of Portsmouth researching Transformative Change in Blue Governance, and a Research Associate with the Global Plastics Policy Centre. I am interested in how people and institutions organise to create change, what that looks like, and how it can be achieved in practice. I work closely with Revolution Plastics, the Centre for Blue Governance, and the School of Environment, Geography and Geosciences.

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