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What is the Global Plastics Policy Centre?

The Global Plastics Policy Centre is a Flotilla Foundation funded platform and initiative designed to provide independently assessed plastics policies. By providing reviews of a variety of policy types, we are able to offer recommendations and the evidence base required to pursue more effective policy making. We are made up of a team of researchers and analysts at the University of Portsmouth within the Revolution Plastics Initiative. Find out more on the About page.

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@DrSFletcher from @UoPPlastics: A #CircularEconomy is where the resources that we produce, once they've been used, they're then used again: they recirculate in the economy, time after time. ♻️

🎧Listen to @WorldBank_IEG 's latest episode:

Professor Steve Fletcher @DrSFletcher, Director of #RevolutionPlastics @portsmouthuni, has been announced as the Editor in Chief of @CambridgePrisms Plastics — a new academic #journal dedicated to finding solutions to #plasticpollution

We're excited to announce @DrSFletcher is leading a new journal dedicated finding solutions to plastic pollution @CambridgePrisms @UoPPlastics