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What about the countries that haven’t been reviewed?

This is just the start of the Global Plastics Policy Centre, and more policies will be added in time, with various focuses. However, for this first review, policies were chosen specifically from different contexts. This includes location, when they were created, and the development state in which they were created. 

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@DrSFletcher from @UoPPlastics: A #CircularEconomy is where the resources that we produce, once they've been used, they're then used again: they recirculate in the economy, time after time. ♻️

🎧Listen to @WorldBank_IEG 's latest episode:

Professor Steve Fletcher @DrSFletcher, Director of #RevolutionPlastics @portsmouthuni, has been announced as the Editor in Chief of @CambridgePrisms Plastics — a new academic #journal dedicated to finding solutions to #plasticpollution

We're excited to announce @DrSFletcher is leading a new journal dedicated finding solutions to plastic pollution @CambridgePrisms @UoPPlastics