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How can I use this information?

This review was created to inform action at all scales- what makes a policy effective, and what doesn’t. You can review the findings from our 2022 Report to understand what makes a policy effective, and what lessons can be applied to future action and policy. 

This information and key enablers of effective policy can more specifically be used in the following ways:

  • It can help a country or business shape its approach to tackling issues associated with plastic pollution by assessing the key components relevant to their context, and developing measures that account for these factors and generating an enabling environment for the intervention’s success.
  • These findings can help countries or large corporations respond to the requirements of the upcoming global treaty to end plastic pollution. Furthermore, these findings can inform the global treaty negotiation process.
  • The enablers identified can be used for modelling processes that map how policy interventions might affect the flow of plastics. The presence or absence of factors that enable effective policies, as well as varying degrees of policy coherence and compliance, can generate insights into the potential effects of different combinations of interventions.

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