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Photo by James Wakibia

Webinar: How to Reduce the Impact of Plastics in Healthcare


This webinar is the first of two on the circular possibilities in plastics used by healthcare sectors. Although aimed at healthcare professionals, it offers insights on single-use and reuse plastics in healthcare applications. Speakers include: Prof Mahmood Bhutta, a Professor of Sustainable Healthcare from Brighton and Sussex Medical School, Nicola Wilson, a Lead Practice Educator, […]

Hybrid event: ‘A new global treaty on plastic pollution – updates from the front line’ with Andy Raine

Online & Oxford Martin School 34 Broad Street (corner of Holywell and Catte Streets), Oxford

In this free hybrid event, Andy Raine, Senior Legal Officer & Head of the International Environmental Law Unit in the Law Division, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), will be talking you through the history that lead to the Resolution 5/14 to develop a legally-binding international agreement to end plastic pollution, and the latest developments from […]


Webinar: How to transform the plastic value chain?


Food for thought from the Lombard Odier Investment Managers’ (LOIM) Planetary Boundaries webinar series: "The ecological cost of plastic waste is well understood, but what about the myriad of possibilities that it offers? In making the plastic industry sustainable, innovations in production and recycling often grab the headlines, but with investment in infrastructure too, there […]

Webinar: Global Plastics Treaty – Update on International Negotiations


This webinar is organised by the Plastic Pollution Coalition. Information on the webinar: "Plastic pollution is a global crisis in need of global solutions. Plastic pollutes along its entire lifecycle from source to disposal, and this complex set of problems requires a comprehensive set of solutions that address the root causes of the plastic pollution […]

Webinar: Allocating recycled content – what are the impacts?


Recycling has an important role to play in closing the materials loop, as it keeps resources in use and increases the circularity of plastic packaging. To ensure the uptake of recycled materials, the European institutions introduced recycled content targets in legislative proposals such as the Single-Use Plastic Directive (SUPD) and the recently published Packaging and Packaging […]

Modeling waste feedstock availability and recycling options for a circular economy: a case study of plastic


This free Zoom webinar is presented by Irdanto Lase from, Sustainability Researcher at the University of Ghent. It is part of a webinar series organised by the Resources, Conservation & Recycling scientific journal. The global plastic recycling rate is low, urging developments in recycling technology and strategies to increase circularity. Taking plastic waste treatment in […]

Plastic-Free Resolutions: Protecting Your Health in 2024


With a new year comes new resolutions for protecting and improving the health of our bodies, families, communities, and the planet that we all call home. One healthy resolution to consider is to reduce or eliminate plastic from your life. But with plastic used for everything from making clothing to carrying food and drinks, this can seem like a […]