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Global Treaty Dialogues for Plastics: Multi-Stakeholder INC-1 Digest

12 December 2022 @ 16:00 - 17:30


This series of Global Treaty Dialogues is run by the Ocean Plastics Leadership Network. Inviting stakeholders from any point of the value chain, government, informal waste sector, civil society, academia and waste management, these dialogues will shed light on how essential stakeholder engagement is for achieving systemic change and inclusion through the plastics treaty.

This Multi-Stakeholder INC-1 Digest capacity building program will cover key aspects and view points from the first session in the treaty negotiations.

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What is your relationship with plastics?

Our enrichment module, A plastic Revolution continued this week, exploring the role plastics play in our society, how we as consumers use them and our attitudes and behaviours towards plastic packaging.

Join our #PlasticFutures conference this June!

The mission-driven conference will be an opportunity to share research and innovation across disciplines and communities and forge future collaborations to inspire new solutions to end plastic pollution.

Coastal city residents want to do more to reduce their single-use plastic waste and are trying to recycle more, but feel they can’t due to current infrastructure challenges and accessibility barriers they face 🧵⬇️